Correctional Health Services Administrative Leadership Development Program


The Challenge

To improve the performance of health services in corrections for the benefit of inmates and their families; county, state and federal health systems and community public health.


Our Goal

To enhance the competencies and professionalism of the administrative leadership of correctional health services by establishing the first accredited on-line master’s degree in correctional health services administration that will be the recognized credential in the field.


The Program

    • To define essential competencies and knowledge
    • Provide employing authorities (sheriffs, counties, cities, states, and companies) with a basis for recruitment and evaluation.
    • Attract motivated people to a career that offers opportunities to make a significant contribution
    • Provide recognition and status to professionals who earn and merit recognition for the competencies they bring to the corrections system
    • Involve the leadership of the field in shaping and promoting the program

    Collaborating Organization:

      American Correctional Association